Utah: Part Uno

30 Jul

Ok..whos a slacker? I AM!

Finally starting my vacation blogs. There are going to be a ton so here is part 1..This is from the first day in Provo. I was a slack and only took my camera  out once..so not much for this post.

The first day we adventured in Provo. We went to check out my  future school (BYU), and some museums in the area. I was lame and didn’t have my camera out until the last stop of the day..Provo Canyon! These are some shots of things we saw, and found on our journey.

First Stop, Bridal Veil Falls!

I found some freaky plants. I call this the Jelly Fish Tree.

aanndd my Mom snooping around!

Then I decided to snoop around as well and found some cool stuff..not including all the bugs!

Yah..cant think of any clever things to say about this one. Leaves I suppose. haha

Hey look, more leaves!

The End! Next post is the great and smelly Salt Lake!

P.S coming home tomorrow night..cant wait to sleep in my own bed! Holy canoli that will be great.



25 Jul

Ok, not super cool post on my trip yet.(Tomorrow I promise!)…but here is my I Heart Faces image for this weeks challenge! This week the theme is Purple..since purple is currently my favorite color this challenge is pretty dang perfect.

Last Saturday I had the privileged to photograph Beautiful Confidence’s very first fashion show, and over the top hair competition. It was Me, The Big Picture, and a few other local photographers to photograph the event. It was a blast, and an awesome experience! I will be posting the rest in the next few days here..but for now here is my purple entry from the fashion show!


Check out the rest of the epic purple photos, or enter your own here.

{Insert catchy title here}

25 Jul

Well its been a week on vacation and it has been great! Tons of great places to shop, search, and shoot. I think I’ve taken more photographs on this vacation than any other. We have spent the first 2 days in Provo, and then downtown Salt Lake for the rest. It’s been crazy busy! Since we are leaving in a few minutes to go down to Delta  for a few days ill just share a sneak peak for now…but Ill keep editing and getting everything ready for tonight’s amazing post on the road there! I might even have 2 amazing posts!? We shall see.

Enjoy this image from the great salt lake until then…you can go ahead and stare at it until tonight if you wish. haha =) yah right…

ok..maybe another!

Last one I promise!

Over My Head

18 Jul

Ok, I know Ive been M.I.A this week but tons of great things have happened! I started some new classes so I have been crazy with homework as well..aaannndd I am leaving tomorrow morning for a 2 week vacation in Utah so I have been getting prepared for that. whoo! I am going to be doing some work, and definitely tons of homework, but it will still be a vacation..I think? haha I will be breaking out my film camera and having some fun shooting anything, and everything I can find! I wont have my computer, but I will still have internet and will blog a few times I promise.

P.S I shot an exciting event on Saturday that I can’t wait to share! =)

Okie dokie, onto the I heart faces contest this week! The theme is called “Over My Head,’ which could be a title of my life as well this week. haha I had tons to choose from but thought that I would go with this chaotic one. Enjoy!

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12 Jul

So, Its monday right? I bet your expecting an i heart faces post?

Nope, but I do have this fancy smancy button to share from last weeks Teens Only Challenge. I got 5th place! Thanks i heart faces!

I thought I would switch it up a bit and take the week off. I’m focusing on school this week. (Ugh. I know) I need to finish 3 8 week classes, in 1 week. (Ugh, I realllyyy know!) I know I can do it, I just need to focus…which isn’t working well so far since I spent 3 hours straight on the internet..doing something..I know I had a plan when I got on..but I pretty much ended up surfing blogs and websites. I end up doing that often, and then after a few hours I wonder what the heck I got on the computer for in the first place?!? haha ( I know I’m not along here..right?! )

I am also going to be finishing up my application and portfolio for BYU. WHOO! I am spending 2 weeks in Utah starting on Monday and thought I would just deliver it personally while I’m there. All of the statistics on acceptance are making me nervous..the Visual Arts program is hard to get into. Yikes! Fingers crossed..and time to look at some more back up schools.  haha Any suggestions?

Don’t worry, Im not leaving you empty handed!

Color Me Katie is an amazing artist that has more creative bones in her body than a 3 year old. I am jealous of her room, and adorable hand-made decorations. I wish I had her mad skills with scissors, and paper. (You should see me cut a straight line. haha)

Check out her sweet skills, and all of her Improv Everywhere posts. They are hilarious!

I’m off to the library to focus on school, school, and more school!

Check back later this week for the pictures from the Banzerini House Mixer..It was an amazing art filled evening!

Have a great day!


Disclaimer: It might get stinkin’ cute!

9 Jul

Dangerously cute indeed. Here are some photos that I took of my nieces from this week. I’ve had an obsession with eyes, and selective focus so that explains all the close-ups. =)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, Don’t miss out on my summer special. It ends in 1 day..thats right 1 day!

Shoot me an email, or give me a call to schedule a shoot at the lowered price.

I have been in total “Photographer Mode” this week. Shooting and editing non-stop..can’t wait to share all of the new stuff!

I only have a few more weeks of hard work, or one more week of REALLY hard work left of school and then I have my Associates in Arts. Whoo! Lets hope it goes by fast, and productively so I can relax on my vacation! haha

Love Art?

8 Jul

Then you’ll LOVE The Banzerini House!

What is it you ask?

Its an amazing new production company located in Phoenix, Az that allows you learn, live, and be creative!

“The Banzerini House gives our artists a chance and opportunity to act, write, produce, design, build, light, direct, sing, dance, paint, to create plays and films, to create music and movement, to be able to create life, and to create truthful moments and memories. The Banzerini House is a brand-new-fresh-out of the oven company! Which makes it that much more exciting and tasty! Like an adventure ready to happen! Our goal and mission is to become a production of the arts company. We want all art of all sorts to join as one. Producing what we feel.”

Come and check out the Open
House Mixer tonight at 6PM and enjoy some awesome live performances,
prizes, and tons of art! Check out their facebook, and blog for more
info..See you there!

Everyone is welcome!