About Me

My name is Rachel Horne. I am a Photographer, College Student, Internee, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Friend, Mac, Nikon…you get the picture? If you look up Rachel Horne in the Dictionary you would find that very description. Each and every day I continue to surprise myself. I am learning more and more each time I pick up my camera. Photography is my passion. It is a way to express myself, and through my lens..others as well. My world is full of photographs. Just look around you, and photographs with be found. Everyone can take an image, but it takes skills to create a photograph. Mad skills indeed.



1. Ive lived in AZ all my life

2. I graduated a year early from High School

(I’m not a smarty pants….I just set a goal and it happened!

P.S when I say I’m going to to something..it usually happens. )

3. I love to Travel..and I wish I was British…I’m pale enough to be one. enough said.

4. My best friend moved to NC almost  2 years ago and I miss her bunches..

5. but we are closer now thousands of miles away than we were when she was only ten miles away.

6. I quit my job as a Preschool teacher..with pretty much no back up plan 8ish months ago. Best Idea Ever!

7. I love my new job.

8. My BFF is Ro-Mo.

9. sooo I consider myself Ro-Mo too!

10. I have a beautiful white Yaris!

11. Im a Mac..and a NIKON! A.K.A The bomb(s).

12. I want a Nikon D3s SO bad…and will get one soon..when I’m not poor.

13. I have a weakness for good lyrics. My drug of choice is music..specifically Andy Hull right now.

14. I’m a nerd


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Lavinia Scherban February 15, 2010 at 9:16 PM #

    Rach i love u! The 4 or so pictures u entered are beautiful!! keep up the good work darlin. and #4 i miss u too!!

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