12 Jul

So, Its monday right? I bet your expecting an i heart faces post?

Nope, but I do have this fancy smancy button to share from last weeks Teens Only Challenge. I got 5th place! Thanks i heart faces!

I thought I would switch it up a bit and take the week off. I’m focusing on school this week. (Ugh. I know) I need to finish 3 8 week classes, in 1 week. (Ugh, I realllyyy know!) I know I can do it, I just need to focus…which isn’t working well so far since I spent 3 hours straight on the internet..doing something..I know I had a plan when I got on..but I pretty much ended up surfing blogs and websites. I end up doing that often, and then after a few hours I wonder what the heck I got on the computer for in the first place?!? haha ( I know I’m not along here..right?! )

I am also going to be finishing up my application and portfolio for BYU. WHOO! I am spending 2 weeks in Utah starting on Monday and thought I would just deliver it personally while I’m there. All of the statistics on acceptance are making me nervous..the Visual Arts program is hard to get into. Yikes! Fingers crossed..and time to look at some more back up schools.  haha Any suggestions?

Don’t worry, Im not leaving you empty handed!

Color Me Katie is an amazing artist that has more creative bones in her body than a 3 year old. I am jealous of her room, and adorable hand-made decorations. I wish I had her mad skills with scissors, and paper. (You should see me cut a straight line. haha)

Check out her sweet skills, and all of her Improv Everywhere posts. They are hilarious!

I’m off to the library to focus on school, school, and more school!

Check back later this week for the pictures from the Banzerini House Mixer..It was an amazing art filled evening!

Have a great day!



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