Love Art?

8 Jul

Then you’ll LOVE The Banzerini House!

What is it you ask?

Its an amazing new production company located in Phoenix, Az that allows you learn, live, and be creative!

“The Banzerini House gives our artists a chance and opportunity to act, write, produce, design, build, light, direct, sing, dance, paint, to create plays and films, to create music and movement, to be able to create life, and to create truthful moments and memories. The Banzerini House is a brand-new-fresh-out of the oven company! Which makes it that much more exciting and tasty! Like an adventure ready to happen! Our goal and mission is to become a production of the arts company. We want all art of all sorts to join as one. Producing what we feel.”

Come and check out the Open
House Mixer tonight at 6PM and enjoy some awesome live performances,
prizes, and tons of art! Check out their facebook, and blog for more
info..See you there!

Everyone is welcome!


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