Love Shoot

18 Mar

This break has given me tons of time to shoot, edit, and update my blog…in other words..I’m a Photographing fool! haha Jk..Forget I said that. =D Monday, I went shopping, and then came home and photographed my niece. Tuesday, I edited…Wednesday I did Jene & Mundos engagement shoot..and edited! Then today, Ive been editing, and might even go shoot again. LOVE IT! Tomorrow I’m going up to Jerome, and Prescott with some friends. CANT WAIT! Its a photographers dream up there so I’m sure I will have many great new posts to follow. Then on Saturday I’m going to the Renaissance Festival, and I ‘m keeping my camera out the whole time. In the past I have brought it in my bag, and then never taken it out. This time I’m keeping it out the whole time, and hopefully photographing my heart out there. =D At least that’s the plan! haha Sunday is my B-Day so I’m taking a break. whoo!

Anyways…I started this new post to show some of the collages that I created from our customer appreciation Love Statue shoot! This was a great day, and I had a BLAST! Even though they were all at the same location, each couple was totally different and had a unique shoot. I was so excited to finally get them edited, and up..Enjoy!


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