Hello Spring Break!

16 Mar

Finalllyyy right?

I can’t tell you how excited I am for spring break..I am getting SO much done already and have so many fabulous shoots I cant wait to finish editing and post for everyone to see. Today I’m staying home all day, watching some red box movies, and editing the day away! I have a wedding, an album, and a small Easter shoot to edit..and then I will be all caught up! =D I’m hoping that this all gets done today..fingers crossed..so that I can enjoy the new shoots, and the rest of my vacation! P.S Did I mention that Sunday is me BIRTHDAY!! whoo!

I went out to this resort everyone has been talking about yesterday with my niece Natalie..It has this little western town and Ive been told that its a great place to take photographs! and they were right! I took a few with Nat and here are some of my favs..she kept doing these poses she called “attitude” and I could hardly get a smile outta her..who knew she was so serious!? and then she wanted to do some fancy footwork so people knew her mad skills.. haha That girl was cracking me up..Enjoy!!


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