Psycho Birds & More

20 Feb

Soo..a few weeks ago was First Friday..A HUGE art walk in Downtown Phoenix.. and when we arrived in the area we noticed TONs

(and when I say tons I mean TOONNSS..Seriously) of birds flying around. It was like that Alfred Hitchcock movie…

Well..Pretty much like that. I was driving, so I wasn’t able to get that many shots of them but I did get this one. Oh and the little spots of black in the sky are the Psycho birds..they were everywhere!!

ANNNDD also a life update..

School=is CRAZY. On Monday I am officially enrolled in 8 classes..7 will be going on at the same time…but the good news is that I will be outta GCC in the Fall for sure. Whohoo!! =D I’m working on my new assignments for Photo today so I will have those up after the critiques this week to let everyone know how I did. Maybe I will even post my painting from my 2D Design class? That’s a big Maybe for sure..Im not the best at hands on art! haha

Life= I dont have much of one! haha School, and work pretty much consume me right now..but I socialize and have fun with them so it not like I’m a hermit or anything. haha I live for the days that I get to stay home all day..those don’t happen much anymore! I love keeping myself busy though so Its a good life either way. =D

Work=My internship is going great! We are rockin’ and a rollin’! We had our customer service day last Monday..Cant wait to get those photos up..they are great! Today we are also doing a wedding at the Casino/Hotel. It should be a challenge because its raining. This will be my first official wedding that its going to be raining..we will see how it goes. With our creative minds I’m sure that It will be a fun challenge..

More?=My Website is slowly reaching perfection..I still need to update the galleries but its looking good. Oh, and did anyone notice that I’m blogging like every day? Yah me!! =D

k..I think that all I am going to bore you with for now…haha


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