Junie B. Jones, silly bandz, and a black bow!

4 Nov

Meet Natalie. My niece, 7 years old, and addicted to reading. She can turn pages like no other. She loves to wear her silly bandz, and watch Hanna Montana. She spends her days going to 1st grade, and is a smartie pants. Meet Natalie!


(“What if I look over here like I just saw something nasty?” haha)



Bubbles, Balloons and a Brewery!

13 Oct


Gina called me during the summer and I instantly knew that her family shoot was going to be a bast. She was spunky, and had a great location request to shoot behind a local brewery. We threw some bubbles, and balloons into the mix and it turned out great. Here are a few from our shoot. =)

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Mis Quince Anos..

7 Oct


“As a butterfly emerges and unfolds its graceful wings,

A child grows and develops with the love that parents bring,

I am thankful for the times when you encouraged me to try,

For God gave me wings, but Mom and Dad

you taught me to fly.”


My friend Kailtyn and I were honored to photograph Alaina’s Quince!

We have been friends with her sister since 7th grade….a long time ago I know! I remember going to Anas Quince 4 (or was it 5) years ago..crazy! Happy B-day Alaina..thanks for sharing your special day with us! =)

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You can go here to see Kaitlyns photos, and here to see mine from the day.

The password is her last name. (all lowercase)



You better be nice to me cos my father runs the world

1 Oct

I’ve seen this video posted around Facebook all this week and finally had a chance to watch it. All I can say is..watch it! She has some great, and powerful  points.

“Only half the patients who go into an abortion clinic come out alive.”

This week(ish) in a nutshell..

26 Sep

So..this is a TON to fit into a “nutshell” but it has been super crazy, and amazing..so I have to share it all right? =)

Here I go..

Babysitting in Buckeye = Auntie that wont put her camera down.

Had a mini shoot with my sister.  We ran across the street from her apartments and shot for a few minutes and came up with this. =)

Then I went to a few amazing concerts. Part of the amazing..maybe the first half, “ama” would be that they were free. The second half, “zing,” would have to be the epic bands. Oh, and the invisible “ghk” in between would be the amazing friends I went with. =)

(p.s mind the grain)

and it ended with a great family session with Bella Bean!

The end.

34 years down..Eternity to go!

14 Sep

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go out shooting with Bella Bean Photography. We photographed this wonderful couple that have been happily married for 34 years. We don’t often have the chance to photograph just adults, so we both loved the ease of the shoot.  These are some of my favorites from this mini-session..hope you like!

back to reality..

23 Aug

Ok, vacation is over. Time to get back to work! I had a lovely 2 week vacation, followed by my best friend coming in town from NC for a little over a week. I had a blast, and was able to relax..it was AMAZING!

 I have been having some issues with computers, and Photoshop so I have been focussing on some school work until I can get that fixed. Soo…slowly I will add some of the new shoots that I have had. 

These are some pictures from my vacation to Utah. We went to Provo, Layton, Antelope Island, Salt Lake, Delta, Bryce Canyon..and everything in between! haha Enjoy!


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P.s Did you see the picture of my new sweet headband? I got it from The Little Things…LOVE IT!